The Glass Workshop Wales has a reputation for designing and making beautiful, unique and original glass art work. Each piece of glass art is created with precision and passion and is made to the suit individuals’ needs.

Marieke has built an impressive portfolio since starting out including making bespoke lighting for Holland’s largest kitchen centre and stately homes. Previous commissions also include stained glass windows and hanging glass panels for various accommodation businesses. She is currently working on developing her own unique range of glass surfaces, platters/servers/chopping boards for customers to purchase.

Glass Art – Stained Glass

For thousands of years people all over the world have expressed themselves through stained glass designs. An ancient tradition, stained glass is an old craft and techniques have hardly changed over time. Stained glass is unique as it can be made to fit any shape perfectly, filling the most unusual  gaps and shapes with beautiful colours and designs.

Each piece of stained glass is unique and made to customers’ taste, and takes into consideration the light, the shapes and its surroundings.

Examples of work

Glass Art – Fused Glass

If you would like a piece of individual art to fill a space, then fused glass is a great way to achieve it. Fused glass produces art that is truly unique. With endless possibilities of colour, design, texture and shape, every piece of fused glass is truly individual. Marieke uses her own technique to create a 3D effect that adds a great sense of depth. This glass has a similar effect to that of Murano Glass, which will brighten up and add texture to any space.

Examples of work

Kitchen Splashbacks – Glass splashbacks are a great way to individualise any kitchen, creating a strong and unique feature. Take a look and order an existing splashback or design your own.

Kitchen Splashbacks can be made to order in 9mm think fused glass. Splashbacks can be any length and height, producing a strong and easy to clean glass finish.

Examples of work

Glass Art – Lighting

Lighting is a great medium for glass. Glass will accentuate light, producing vibrant colours that can be reflected throughout a room. Marieke can make lights for any occasion, as well as adapt existing lights to create a unique piece of art for a specific environment.

Examples of work


The Glass Workshop Wales also specialises in glass restoration. Marieke can undertake repairs from chips and cracks to large scale glass reconstruction. Repairs can be made on antique and modern glass.